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Dystopian worlds have become very popular lately. Whether it is Revolution, Falling Skies, The Walking Dead or Defiance, the one thing they all have in common is straight, cisgender, able bodied White male leadership. This suggests that at the end of the day, no matter the circumstance White masculinity represents authority, logic, safety, and intelligence. People of colour and women are often relegated to side characters who week after week submit to this authority and often times appear to be grateful for it. It is no accident that the White male is so revered in dystopians. It plays upon the idea that White straight masculinity is a declining power because of resistance by women, people of colour and of course GLBT people. It suggests that there will come a time when nature will correct itself and once again White men will rule the world, as though that is not the current situation and further; the world will be grateful for it.

Dystopians: The Leadership of Cis, Straight, White, Able-Bodied Men

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 WEAK give me dystopias where marginalized people thrive because they have more experience living with fear and the threat of violence give me dystopias where double conciousness becomes even more of a valuable survival skill give me dystopias where cis white able bodied men die sooner and in greater numbers survival in nightmarsish societies where you are the bottom of the food chain is not something that has or ever will belong to straight cis …able bodied white men straight white abled cis masculinity is not psychologically geared for survival

ho shiiiiiiiit gimme gimme gimme post-apocalyptic worlds in which zombies only hunt humans demonstrating certain behavioral cues and releasing pheromones that convey aggression (like how horses can “sense” untrained riders). so that the survivors are the code-switchers, the disenfranchised who’ve learned from an early age how to modify their behavior to suit a hostile social space.

{the zombies are preferable to the cisgender able-bodied straight white men, bc the zombies actually leave you alone}

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